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Collagen Activator Tablets

The Kalahari Effervescent Collagen Tablets comprise of Hydrolyzed collagen Peptide Powder which is an amino acid rich Type-I collagen is animal derivative. Type-I collagen is also used as a food supplement as the Amino acids are protein’s building blocks that have chains of collagen-derived protein amino acids. ‘Hydrolyzed’ simply means that the amino acid chains have been broken down into smaller units.

Making a Collagen Face Film

1. Place the device on an even surface.
2. At the base of the unit: Flip the handle inward and place the device over the bottom mould tray.
3. Open the lid of the device. Gently turn and lift. (see image B)
4. Plug the cord into the device to switch on the power.
5. Prepare 70ml pure water (room temperature) and additional 25ml of your desired Booster Liquid. (no solid particles)*
6. Pour the 70ml pure water and 25ml Booster liquid* into the mixing processor.
7. Add one Collagen Activator Tablet into the mixing processor.
8. Place the lid on mixing processor and gently twist to close.
9. Press the “mask” button once. (a warning tone will alert that the machine is working)
10. After 6 minutes the device will automatically pour the warm liquid into the bottom break the  tray.
11. The mask will set within 6 minutes.
12. Move device away from the tray and lift collagen mask gently from the tray and place directly on the skin

Collagen Film Mask Variants –

Always add 70ml pure water into Mixing Processor first.
70ml pure water + 25ml Booster Liquid* = 95ml + 1 x Collagen Activator Tablet.

Basic Collagen Mask:
95ml pure water +1 x Collagen Activator Tablet.
(optional: 1 x Drop of any Essential oil may be added as an aromatic enhancer).

*25ml Booster Liquid Options: (no sold particles or pH levels below 4.)
Rooibos tea, Coffee, Freshly pressed vegetable/fruit juice, Honey, Red wine, Aloe extract or Milk.

Honeybush & Shea butter Film Mask:
Decant 5ml Honeybush Soufflé Mask into Measuring Cup and fill up with desired Booster Liquid to 25ml level. Mix well prior to adding
preparation to the 70ml pure water in the Mixing Processor. Add 1 x Collagen Activator Tablet.

Collagen Clay Film Mask:
Add 1gm (half scoop) of one of the Kalahari Clays or Mud into the 25ml water, mix well prior adding preparation to the 70ml pure water
in the Mixing Processor. Add 1 x Collagen Activator Tablet. (Names suggestions: Honeybush Clay Collagen Mask/Kigelia Mud Collagen
Mask/Botanical Clay Collagen Mask


24 Pack.

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